“A contemporary visionary, Helen Oji’s work “erupts” with motion, rich hues, and deep texture. She is a nonconformist fueled by raw movement. She first burst onto the NY art scene with her “Kimonos,” a series of works on kimono-shaped folded paper immersed in mixed media. Notable to these particular works was her fearless use of glitter in accentuating her joyful spirit and distinctive style. With her Teapot series, Oji evoked emotional responses, and rendered respect for the forces of nature with her large scale volcano drawings and paintings of the mid-1980’s.”

- Geneen Estrada, Estrada Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

Over the many years as an artist, I have explored various mediums, techniques, and themes in my artwork. My work is a fusion of my Japanese heritage, imagery from daily and imagined experiences, abstraction, color, calligraphy, music and dance, poetry, and the unconscious.

Through paintings on canvas, works on paper, and a variety of other materials, my recent series of work entitled Animal Friends and Playful Abstractions, celebrates life, humor, and the human spirit. Gestural brush strokes form the shapes and pictorial relationships, with layers of color animating the surface of the paintings. All of these components are important in creating the essence of my work.

Asian brush painted scrolls, popular Japanese tenugui towels, Japanese folk toys and my everyday life have inspired my exploration and development for this series. The imagery does not have specific details of each animal or element depicted; instead the painted gestures form familiar shapes and evoke a spirit that connects us to our emotions.