The recent and distressing events in our world, the focus on climate change, and our combative political atmosphere remind me of a large body of work that I made in 1983-1986 entitled, Volcano Series. I decided to make a book documenting this series because, although this series was executed nearly 40 years ago, the charged explosive subject matter seems so relevant today.

This book is composed of a selected group of digital photographs and photomontages. I took all of the photographs with my iPhone. I traveled with my husband/artist, Charles Luce, and four artist friends; Judy Simonian, Margo Margolis, Norma Markley, and Barbara Hertel for almost the entire month of January 2020.

Upon our return to New York City, and during the COVID-19 quarantine, I focused (escaped) into the world of Vietnam and Cambodia. For the next four months, I created two photo travel books of our inspirational experiences. After viewing the books, I decided to create a third book of my favorite photographs and photomontages.